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XCode Projects
  26th January, 2018
I *think* I've figured out how to "create" XCode projects programatically.


Yesterday's test seemed to run OK from the Mac compile, but I'll need to stress test the methods I used to generate the XCode.
Basically, I run the Build.bat file on Windows, and tell it "Make me a Mac Project", and it does a few little copy lists, which *hopefully* should achieve everything I need, to then copy the project folder over to the Mac and simply hit the compile button.

That appears to be working, but I need to double check all the files and things to be sure that it's compiling the right files. The way the XCodeProj files are laid out, there's a lot of references to files and things that I'm not sure will work if XCode ever decides to upgrade and move all the bloomin' files around.

But.. For now at least, it seems ok.

Next is iOS, and rewriting all the glfw code to be gles instead, so it works better on Mobiles.
This is something I've not yet dared to tackle, mostly because.. well, it's a bloomin' mess, by this point!!
Hopefully it won't end up being too big of a task.

.. These things usually are, though.

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