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C++ to XCode to iOS
  26th January, 2018
Starting the iOS thing from scratch, due to my usual case of overcomplicating things!


The transition from GLFW to GLES is not as easy as it could be. Quite why they could've have developed a minimal version of GLFW that simply ignores things such as Window settings, keyboard input, and the like, I'm not sure.
But, hey ho, whatever.

Since the last time I attempted to run the framework on iOS, I've added a WHOLE lot of new code.
I figured it'd be easier to redo-from-start than try to patch up the last attempt.

So, I'm starting it again.
Renaming .cpp files to .mm* in the hopes that they'll all flow much easier, and commenting out HUGE sections of GLFW code that I'll later be replacing with GLES stuff.

(* Don't ask me why, but XCode doesn't quite understand a .cpp file, and prefers it to be a .mm file. I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation for that..)

The framework is now Almost compiling on iOS. And Almost is about as well as I got it going, last time.
The main difference being that today's Almost only took about 2 hours to get not-working, whereas the last time I'd wasted the entire day trying to not get it to work!

I've also managed to copy-back a lot of the code changes, which are now permanently part of the Framework code.

So.. Um.. Yeah, progress!

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