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Hammering My Way
  27th January, 2018
More tweaks to the framework, as I attempt to at least get basic compiling to work on iOS!


At this point, I'm not bothered if the game doesn't actually show anything onscreen. It's a case of actually getting anything to compile at all!

The current issue is that XCode is being strict about the .h stuff, meaning that my current method of lazily plonking code willy-nilly around the script, isn't suitable for iOS compiling.
.. Of course, XCode's perfectly happy to compile this exact same code for Mac, but when it comes to iOS, everything has to be done in a very strict way.

Pain in the arse when you're coming from decades of BASIC-based languages!

But this was one of the things I knew I'd have to tackle. My lazy "rapid-dev" style isn't suited to modern technology, and although it might take me a while to get back up to the required speed for AGameAWeek, it's going to be worth it in the end.
.. Or at least, it better bloody well be, anyway!

Today's task. Continuing to hammer the XCode!

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