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Linux.. Attempt #495,803,795
  30th January, 2018
So, yesterday didn't go as planned.


Apparently I'd deleted the Ubuntu.iso that I used to install Linux the first time, so I had to re-download it.
Whilst that was downloading, stupidly slowly, I got sidetracked and ended up spending all day working on the Wiki site, instead.

Today, I'll be going back to yesterday's plan, and getting Ubuntu re-installed.
Oh joy.

Hopefully it works!

For those asking, yes, the Wiki will be editable, or at least it'll have a section that'll be editable. I'm nowhere near ready to open that up, yet, though!
First, the huge database-organisation will have to be done, and at current count, that means roughly 4,000 blog-pages that I need to sift through!

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