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"Enter Your Name!"
  1st February, 2018
The Enter Your Name screen is now back in the framework, and works pretty much the same as it did before.


The screen has no mouse/touchscreen alternative. You can't even quit the screen to return to the main menu without using a button. I need to figure the best way to solve that issue, probably involving neatly scrolling letters around, or something.

But it's working, and it's saving, and I can move the Settings.sav file from one game to the other, (or alternatively, place all games into the same directory) and it'll take my name along with it, sharing the information between all available games..


I spent about 2 hours working on the AGameAWeek Database, today.
The general "Wiki" plan requires that I sift through every (EVERY!) page of the blog, fix up all the broken links (after nearly a decade, there's a lot of those!) and also try to link every page that is about a particular game, to that game.
Each page now has a "Game Link" value, and when the games are listed in the Wiki, the Wiki will search for any pages that have the game linked, and will list them on the page.
.. Or, that's the plan, anyway.

Today, after 2 hours work, I'd managed to make my way through just 100 pages of the site.

There are (as of this post) 5,436 pages of data.
I expect the whole thing to speed up, later, as I'll be needing to "fix" old links less frequently, and also the Music, Pixelart and Poetry posts can all be skipped.
But.. for today.. That was a long hard slog!

I don't expect the Wiki to be functional at any point before ... maybe Mid-March!?!

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