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Flapping Icons!
  2nd February, 2018
I think I've got everything ready.
Or at least, all the important bits.


Today I need to look into icons.
I know how to do the Windows icon, but I need to generate the .ico file for that.
For the Mac, I know that XCode gives me a nice way to select icon files, but I'm unsure of the specifics, and whether replacing the icon files in the folder will replace the icon files linked in the asset collection.
For Linux.. Ain't the foggiest!

Today's task will be about those.
At the moment, the framework is still only running on those targets, as I've yet to start integrating GLES code, which is needed for iOS.
And Android and HTML5 are currently a long way away..

This hasn't been an easy ride, and it's far from over.
I expect the next couple of weeks to be mostly about Game Controllers, and the framework's general mis-behaviour in ways I can't possibly have foreseen!

For now, I need to sort the icons, then get to work on that Flapping game!

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