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Wiki Work
  2nd February, 2018
Continuing my trek through the Blog, (fixing old broken links, adding references to associated games, etc) I'm now up to page... 150! Out of 5000+

As an example of how the Wiki will be grown, the Wiki page for Alien Deathmatch 2 is now nice and populated with just links to various blog posts.

I'll also need to add in elements that are on the game's release page, but AD2's actually surprisingly sparse, as far as that goes.

Once I've sifted through all the pages, adding in the necessary data, I'll be able to add more to the functionality of the Wiki, including the all-important "Editable Wiki" bit... Which, I suppose, is rather necessary for a Wiki.

But it's going to take AGES to dig through all the pages of the blog, first!!!

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