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A Flapping Background
  4th February, 2018

Oh, the joys of having the ability to generate your background from tiles


A bunch of small tiles in the graphics file are splattered across a tilemap buffer, generating the lovely brick background image of old.
A definite improvement to having to store the large 1024x1024 pixel brickwork image in the game's assets.

Of course, the fact that the framework's outputting 1.5Mb exes has more than made up for the space saved by that small improvement, but you can't argue with a little extra randomness in the game!

As you can see, the Flame Bars are also now in the engine, and can kill both you and your eggs.
Next up is adding the shield mechanism whenever you're landed.

Stress testing is also a current requirement, as I need to be sure everything's working as it oughta be, but otherwise I think the game's more or less ready for the first release.

I'll give myself an extra day or so to get everything "just right", and then maybe release Monday night or Tuesday morning.


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