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2018 Idea Bucket - A
  4th February, 2018
This Tuesday we're kicking things off slowly.

Each Tuesday through February, I'll be adding to Flappadiddle-Doo, to bulk it up beyond the original concept, and fixing up any quirks in my new Framework along the way.

But once we hit March, I'll be heading into the regularly unplanned insanity of AGameAWeek.


If you'd like to contribute ideas, thoughts and wishes for the upcoming chaos, stick 'em in the comments section below.

These can be as random as "Try taking X object and making a game", as trivial as "Make a game called Y", as daft as "Why haven't you made a Z game" or even a full blown gameplan.

Be sure to leave a name (your twitter handle?) that I can easily add to the games credits, if I use your ideas.

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