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Flappadiddle-Doo - Test One
4th February 2018  

First test!

We'll call this the proto-test, since I'm still not 100% sure things are going to run AT ALL, let alone well!!

  • Windows Download
  • MacOS Download
  • Linux Download

  • -=-=-

    Your task, should you be willing to play Guinea Pig, is to download and try running the version corresponding to your current OS.
    Currently there are no Mobile editions.

    The game *should* more or less work. There may be glitches in gameplay, but those should probably be ignored for the meantime.
    What I need to know, is whether the game runs for you, first and foremost.

    After that, any weird behaviour should be mentioned.

    The game's status is "Roughly like it was", although the online scoreboards aren't yet functioning.
    Over the coming weeks, I'll be advancing the game beyond what it normally is, but first I need to know it's working.

    Any thoughts/comments are welcome.

    Thankyou to all.

    Biggest Known Issue : The Mac version doesn't currently save scores or anything. This is being worked on!!!

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    Flappadiddle-doo , 2018 Framework , Experimental
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