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Android, Grrr!!!
  7th February, 2018
Seriously, though, why is this so bloomin' complicated!?


Today I'll probably delete the "For Android" Linux Virtualbox that I have installed, and start all over again.
Each time I restart, it seems that every web-tutorial out there has it's own uniquely incompatible way of getting C++ onto Android.

Yesterday I finally managed to get something to compile, except it didn't actually compile into an .apk, and even once it did, all it output was "Hello World" into the debugger, then crash.
Bah, humbmug.

This isn't going smoothly, at all!

So, scrap it all and start again.
I'm currently thinking that if I install the "Proper" Android Studio gubbins, it might work out a little easier, as *surely* Google have accounted for that, somewhere in there?
.. Right!?


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