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Focus on the game..
  9th February, 2018
I've spent far too long, this week, trying to get Android and iOS Framework support up and running, but am going to have to leave it for the next few days.


I'm still getting nowhere with the whole thing.
Well, I say nowhere, but I have at least managed to get iOS a little closer to "almost" compiling, and that's an improvement.

Other than that, though, both Mobile editions of the framework are currently still MIA.

But in the meantime, I really should focus on the game.

I've not really spent any time on it, this week, so things like "Story Mode", Worlds, Characters and more.. None of that's been added, yet.
I've got the whole weekend, though, so that should be more than enough for at least adding Worlds.
The harder part will be figuring out a menu system that would handle it all.

... .. And I HATE doing menus!!!

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