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Minor Tweaks
  11th February, 2018
Stupid iOS!

"Alert" says the debugger in XCode.
And that's all.

Quite what that means, I've no idea. Could literally be anything.


So, instead I focused on the game, and got another world added into the mix. Trying to come up with "Flame Bar" movement types that don't cause blockages in the path, is complicated when everything's being randomly generated..

But, so far, so good.
The game's still playable, and the added variations in the "worlds" gives the game a bit more longevity.

Other than that, I've been doing background Framework tweaks. Getting the options menu to run a little smoother, and making everything much more organised.
I'm still not sure what to do about MacOS's save files, though. They're a little more complicated than I'd like..

Also, I still haven't decided what the main menu's going to look like.
For now the Easy, Normal, Hard will allow you to choose between the first three world themes.
I should probably be uploading the new 2nd edition later today, unless something awkward crops up.

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