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27th February 2018
Each time I release a game, the thoughts and comments come rolling in.

Let's take a peek at this week's thoughts.


I find Flappadiddle Doo having the smooth gameplay like its predecessor and the polish found in ''Sheep Goes Right''.


Yeah, the extra time given to me over the past few weeks has allowed me to do more than I'd usually cram into a single week.
I should probably tackle more lengthy projects like this, but I tend to get bored halfway through!
The only way I managed to stay focused on this "larger" project, is because I also had AGAWFrame to figure out at the same time!

When JNK started to do sequel to Flappadiddle I thought it is going to be a great challenge as it would be very difficult to create something better than the original using a brand new framework that he has created ''AGAWFrame'' Framework using C++. After playing the game I can now tell that he has succeeded in creating a game that is much better and bigger than the original.

A number of the things I created within the Framework are built specifically for this game. Things like Image->Buffer drawing was added so that I could draw a single background buffered image, rather than a huge number of tiles.
Now that it's in the framework, going ahead I'll be able to reuse it. This will hopefully be a recurring theme, as I build this year's collection of AGameAWeek games.

Gameplay: Smooth as the original with varied gameplay elements coming into the picture because of the 6 different birds having different feel. The bar below the birds in the bird selection screen gives the indicator of how fast/agile the bird is. I went with the default yellow bird as I got used to the feel. Falling from the platform is way better now than the original, so when the space is very tight around the platform it is now easy to get into and out.

It was hard to decide between keeping the original physics, thus keeping it more like the original feel, or making things "better". In the end I decided to go with different "fixed" physics, as it's a little more forgiving in this updated form.
The different bird physics also ended up making any physics changes less apparent. Hopefully people are ok with that!
Incidentally, Bluey is the most special of all birdies. Hold the button to "hover".. kinda!

Graphics: It is amazing how the small tiles make up the 6 varied world (Bricks, Garden, Snow, Dessert, Outer Space and the futuristic).

Sure, ok!! Although the 3rd is Sky and Clouds, and the last one is supposed to be Lego Bricks. I'm not sure why the last one's Lego Bricks, but ... Game Reasons!!

The 3D effect given to the enemies in World 2 and 4 are great. Initially I thought they were 3D assets. The graphics is very well polished.

Totally unplanned! A simple spinning effect, but with the objects so close together, accidentally caused that effect. I'll be keeping those types of effects in mind in the future. They turned out nicely

Music: I felt all the worlds had very melodious tunes matching the world. World 2 and 5 tunes became my favorites.

Some of the many lovely tracks that I've been creating since the last AGameAWeek release!
Which reminds me, I need to start adding music links into the game pages again..

Scoring: Bonus for the entire level works very well. The collection of eggs and carrying them around makes the gameplay more interesting, the player has to make choices whether to keep a life or go for the big scores. To get the maximum score all the eggs have to be collected first before landing on the platforms at a faster pace.

I don't do much fore-planning in my games, but the idea of the bonus eggs was something that popped into my mind whilst playing the original Flappadiddle one day.. ... For about 3 hours!! Endlessly!!
I was never happy with the way the original bonus worked, so it felt great to finally figure out a way that the scores made a little more sense.

The first world endless mode seems to be of Easy mode while the later world's endless modes are like the normal and hard modes.

Yeah, there's not a huge amount of variety between the endless modes, but they try to be harder and harder.
Given the range of online scores, that seems to have worked out alright!

Overall: A great game to start the Year 2018 and to showcase the new engine. Looking forward to the other games this year.

Indeed. It's been a lot of fun building up the Framework, but now it's time to go crazy!
Just be warned that, as a month-long project, this game might end up outshining most of the rest of this year's games!!

You can Download Flappadiddle-Doo here or grab it from!
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