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Sidetracked - Part Two
  9th March, 2018

Not sure where I'll be plonking this week's game, but I expect a quick
upload to the server in HTML5 format will probably suffice.

The basic layout is working, tile placement seems ok. There's a Cancel word button and a Enter Word button.
There's also undo functionality, which will be helpful when you accidentally hit the Enter Word button!! (Something that was incredibly frustrating in my previous attempt at this sort of thing.)

Next I need to go through all the different tile/word placement logic to work out what new words the player's made, and ensure the placement is valid, then add a simple CheckWord$() test (assuming I've remembered to add the CheckWord functionality into this version of the Framework!?!) and then I'll begin doing the totting up of scores.

Should hopefully be ready for some proper testing during Mothers Day (UK) on Sunday!

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