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Sidetracked - Part Three
  9th March, 2018
This is coming along rather well.
The scores are now all totting up, and everything's working to a moderately decent standard.
The game/tool's not very good at noticing gaps in word placements, so you could put down "Happy Cat" and it wouldn't notice the space.
That needs fixed.
But if you're playing along with a real-world board game, as is the intention with this, you can probably work around that slight flaw!!


Scoring is working really well. Here you can see a game of Words With Friends that I'm mid-way through. I duplicated the layout in the scorepad, and sure enough, it's come out with the correct scores.

vs the real thing

The game/tool supports Scrabble, Super Scrabble and Words With Friends layouts+tilesets+scoring, so all should be golden!

Now the only slight issue I have, is that I never integrated the WordList functionality into the 2017 Monkey framework, so it can't check for legal words.
... D'oh!!

Ah well, a task for tomorrow, methinks.

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