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Score My Words - Test Run
  11th March, 2018
Had a nice long game of Super Scrabble against Mum, today, and the games last much longer, as expected!
Took about 2 hours, or thereabout, before one of us had won*.


The scorepad is slightly quirky around the edges, in that it fails to count anything along the bottom row. D'oh.
I think I must have " Silly me.

That oughta be an easy enough fix.

I've also realised that having a Timer might be nice, although having that would require the app to be running in the background when your tablet/pc falls asleep. Not really sure how to do that. Will look into it.
Additionally, I could probably implement some kind of "Tiles Remaining" estimate, although that would depend on how many tiles you've got (eg, assuming you've not lost any!) and other such things.

And then there's the EndGame. The program doesn't currently subtract/add the remaining player's tiles, at the end of a game. I had to do that manually, using maths and things! Eeek!!

But otherwise, it seemed to work pretty much as expected.

I'll probably do an update maybe tonight or tomorrow. Feels like it's worth it.
It was certainly a lot easier to tally the scores using the app, than using my old feeble mind to do it

(*I won by 202 points, as I managed to get 2x7 letter words! Epic!!)

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