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iPad Battery Woes
  22nd March, 2018
For the past few weeks, my iPad battery's been conking out halfway through the day, with about 30% remaining.


Last night it literally got so bad that I was watching the percentage ticking away in the corner of the screen.
At one point, in the time it took to write a single tweet, I literally watched the iPad's battery drop from 49 to 45%!!

So, in a fit of desperation, I did a complete backup, then a backup restore.
That "sometimes" works. Other times you need to do a complete clean-sweep of the iPad, since whatever's causing the issue will occasionally get backed up along with the backup. Derp!!

The backup and restore took about an hour, and then I had to sit and wait for everything "in the cloud" to fully restore. Apps are "linked" in the backup, but apparently not stored in the backup. Instead, they re-download over your wifi, and take sodding ages doing so.
Quite why they don't get copied across from the system, which definitely has them all, I'm not sure.

Anyhoo, waiting.. and waiting.. and more waiting.
And the passwords.. Gawd, the passwords.. So many passwords to have to put back in again.

iTunes has an Encrypted Backup, which will additionally save your passwords, but I tried that way way back when I only had an iPod, and the backup screwed up enough that I decided against using it again.
No doubt Apple's worked out the kinks in that, but.. Nah, not risking it again!

Oddly, for a good couple of hours, the Music app would crash when I tried to open it. I think it must've been baffled by the sheer number of tracks I have of Andrew Huang.. Eventually a shut down and reboot fixed that.

I then left the iPad "lit up" for the rest of the night, and watched it get down to 10% before it nagged at me to plug it in.

It fully charged overnight. It's now an hour after I woke up, and having done this morning's Platdude Pixelart, (I use the iOS App Sprite Something for that) it's "only" down to 95%.
I think that's a good sign.

I'll post an update later tonight, as to whether it's properly fixed the battery issue or not.


@ShubShub11 on Twitter asked why I don't switch to Android Tablets instead.

1. I do indeed already have an Android Tablet (ASUS something or other, Android M) sat, unplugged, disconnected and switched off, on my bookshelf. It's one of my Android Development Test devices, but very rarely gets used.

2. I'm not willing to give up KORG Gadget. I've spent a sodding fortune on that, over the years. All those instrument packs aren't exactly cheap!!
I've used it to create an insane amount of music, and I'm comfortable using it in the form factor of the iPad.
If that were on Android, maybe I'd make a more permanent switch. But until then.. No thanks!

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