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Forming the Snake
  23rd March, 2018
I really need to work on the game, today. I've mostly neglected it for the past couple of days, and that's no good for AGameAWeek!


That basic gameplay's in place, but it needs something interesting to keep things a bit more playable.
At the minute, the snake/worm thing is floating around in some water, and occasionally eating things, but it's a teensy bit uncontrollable.
I'll be spending today trying to get the right sort of feel for the game, and also working out what sort of movement the enemy creatures might have.
It's going to be a tricky balance between precise enough controls and enemy dodging.

I'll also need to try to come up with something more interesting than just "Here are some dots. Eat the dots..", but I'm unsure what that might end up being.
Still, 3 more dev-days to go. I'm sure something will crop up!

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