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Money For Apple
  24th March, 2018
Oh, pants..
The iPad got down to 40% before crashing, today, and once plugged back in stated it had 3% battery remaining.
That's really not good...


So, I ordered a new iPad.

Checking into my previous orders, this one's actually lasted since Dec 2014, so I'm quite a bit happier than I was about ordering a new one, than I was a few hours ago.

3+ years is a remarkable amount of time.

In the time I've had this iPad I've created every single (over 1,170) Daily Platdude Pixelarts using Sprite Something, and over 350 music tracks using KORG Gadget.
I've blogged with it.
I've tweeted with it.
I've taken stupid photos and attempted to make humorous gags with it.

In all, the 3+ years have been used well.
.. OK, maybe not "THAT" well.
It's not like I did anything actually worthwhile, written a novel, cured cancer, saved the planet.. But I've certainly used the iPad a lot more than I have the poor little Android tablet that's sat on my bookshelf, begging to be used.

I'm content that I've made full use of it, and I'm sorry that the poor little bugger's struggling to breath after the years of usage it's seen.

Farewell, my poor little iPad.

New iPad arrives Monday, and the inheritor of dead-devices has already been selected.

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