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2018 - Game 5 - Slithering Waters
  25th March, 2018

Time for Generic Snake Game #29304732!


Basic Rules

You're an underwater snake! How lovely.

Eat the pellets and dodge the walls.
The game's nice and easy enough.

You can Download Slithering Waters here.


Turn Anticlockwise
Turn Clockwise
Speed up!!? (Also, detonate.)

How Not To Lose

Try not to ram yourself into a wall!
.. Unless you've got a bomb..

What I Didn't Do

Unlike regular Snake games, you can't destroy yourself by smashing into your own tail. Given the chaotic and fast-paced nature of the game, that seemed a little unfair.

I'm sure there's lots of pickups, enemies and powerups I could've added to this game, but it felt fun enough to me.
Maybe in future, I'll expand it, but.. Snake is Snake!!

You can Download Slithering Waters here.

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