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Thought Process
  26th March, 2018

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I suppose I could do a racer, this week..?


What follows is the conversation my head had with itself.

OK, first, let's rule out Multiplayer. I'm not ready to attempt online, just yet, and god knows the Gamma Collexion multiplayer controls were a complete disaster.

So... time trial then?
Let's make a map and race as fast as we can.
But where's the challenge in that? That's just a boring racer. That's not "AGameAWeek"!!

How about if you take the Pool Physics you did ages ago, and make it so you need to thwack the ball around a course?
Maybe hit the cue ball at a red ball, and guide the red ball around the track that way?

..But that's more like minigolf. It'd probably be nice, but it'd be in measured strokes rather than time based, and I'm fairly sure a Racer (even if not exactly a racer) would require times, not strokes.

OK, but I like the idea of not being in control of the actual racer, and instead taking control of something else that forces the racer onwards.

What about a sheep? Use a little sheepdog to guide the sheep around the track?
In fact, you could maybe even go one step further.
Run around as a shepherd, guiding the sheepdog, and aim the sheep towards the goal?

Hmm.. I like that idea! Not sure on whether the "three character" thing will control well, but it's a nice idea.
Let's do that!! If three doesn't work, pull the shepherd out and just control the sheepdog.


OK, let's PixelArt!!!

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