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Come and Go
  28th March, 2018
I spent most of yesterday fiddling around with lots of different control methods for the Sheep Herding game.
After a number of methods, I've settled on having "Come" and "Go" buttons.


Push one, and the sheepdog comes towards you.
Push the other, and the sheepdog goes away.
With those two buttons and the sheep constantly running from the sheepdog, there's a vaguely controllable game appearing from the chaos.

Next I need to add some kind of fencing method that will allow for "tracks" that you need to guide the sheep through.
I'm also wondering if I need to add any sort of dangers along the way, but that will probably become obvious as I make more of the gameplay work in the engine.

I also need to animate the characters a little. They're currently rather static sprites. I might also make them a little larger, onscreen, too. Although that depends on how the tracks look when I add them into the mix.

Plenty to do!!

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