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  28th March, 2018
I'm trying my best to figure out a nice control scheme for this Sheepdog game, but the two main methods don't appear to be working out.


Method 1 is the complex "Move Platdude, call the dog, make the sheep run towards the goal"
It's REALLY not working out! It's far too hard to keep track of things, and the dog keeps getting lost along the way.

Method 2 is much simpler.
Farmer Plat is no longer part of the game, and instead you control the Sheepdog directly. The sheep runs away from the dog and the goal is much clearer.
This works a LOT better, and is much more controllable, but has made the game FAR too easy.
It's also become quite a bit like the sheep-herding bits in Mario Odyssey, because.. .. Well, you're doing the exact same bloomin' thing!


I might now attempt to take things in a really obscure direction, but I'm not quite sure where that will end up.

4 days to go.
What on earth will this game end up as!?
Who can say!!

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