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Tracking the Track
  31st March, 2018
This week's game might end up carrying over to next week, as I still have an awful amount to do, and not a whole lot of time left for this week.

(Plus, it's Easter Weekend, and we've got family showing up, so there'll be less coding time for Jay!)


The car physics seem vaguely workable, so I'm quite happy with the way that's turned out. Having said that, it all depends on how the track feels under the car, and I've not yet added a track.

Today I'll be focusing on Track Generation, or at the very least a quick way to doodle some tracks and have them pop up in the engine.
I then need to find a good way of tracking where the player goes, and getting the timer to work properly.

I might even add a "If you stray too far, it pops you back on the track" sort of things, as I imagine that tracking the vehicle might be a little messy otherwise.

Yup, a lot to do, today.

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