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Focus, Jay..
  1st April, 2018
OK, today I need to work out the track generation, as I didn't do a bloomin' thing on the game, yesterday!!

Instead, I faffed about with looking into 3DS Homebrew and figuring out things, there.


So, no.. Today definitely has to be about the track.

I've a few ideas in mind, and I'm not sure which will work better.
I'm currently thinking that pre-made tracks will be more compatible with the scoreboard system, since everyone will be driving on the same tracks.
Speaking of which, I also need to figure out the best way to score the game, since the online scoreboards can't handle "fastest = highest".
Of course, I could probably also tweak the scoreboards script to allow for that, but I think it'd be easier to design some sort of score-based system for ranking players.

So, that's today's tasks.
1. Tracks.
2. Scores.

oh, and 3. Chocolate Eggs! Nom Nom..

Happy Easter!

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