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Hard to Control
  2nd April, 2018
By which I mean, the controls are nice and decent, and the track is also quite nice ('ish!) but the scaling is all off.


Currently you can hit the throttle and fly off to the other side of the track within a second or two. I need to slow down the car, somewhat, and that'll probably require me to reduce the size of the car, which will in turn mean I need to rejig a lot of the tile-drawing code, and more.

Today's certainly going to be a bit of a challenge.
But I figure it's better to knuckle down and fix the issue before I end up trying to scale UP the tracks. There's only so much space on the available ground-buffer, after all.

So, that's today's task, that and getting the track-tracking working, which I was supposed to be doing yesterday, but never got around to.
Heck, I'm supposed to have posted this game, by now.
Completely changing the style of the game over the course of the past week has certainly taken it's toll.

.. It's Easter Weekend! Stop expecting too much from me

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