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Battling with C
  3rd April, 2018
Yesterday, I spent about 3 or 4 hours wrestling with DevKitPro, trying to figure out the best way to get my Framework running as 3DS Homebrew.


The Gfx/Audio part of my framework is separate from the rest of it.
Currently split into two different scripts, once for GLFW3 and the other for GLES. Although the two are similar, they have different rules.

I've done that specifically so that code for different targets can be re-written as needed, and the 3DS target will absolutely need to be rewritten.

So, yesterday I make a new AGAW_3DS.cpp target, and set about deleting EVERYTHING, and am preparing to rewrite it all to suit the system's specific needs.
First, though, I had to get the bloomin' thing to compile, and that took ABSOLUTELY AGES!!
Again, a much needed learning experience in the realm of C/C++.
One thing I learned is that if you have a .c, and include a .cpp, the compiler treats the .cpp as if it were .c, not .cpp.
This should've been obvious to me, and I'm not sure why I hadn't realised that earlier.
Silly me!!

Anyhoo, the thing's at least compiling, now, and I *think* it's running as expected, but I'll only know for certain once the 3DS Flashcart arrives. (I don't trust Emulators for bug-testing!!)

Today I'll be attempting to figure out how best to load and display images without having to hardcode references to the data.
I'm not sure I can even do that, though.
More learning, ahead.

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