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Little To No Progress
  4th April, 2018
I'm currently unsure whether I can get the framework running on 3DS at all, or at least, not in it's current condition.


It seems that most of the problems may be stemming from my insane use of giant arrays to store everything. The poor little 3DS's tiny memory bank is freaking out at the very thought of it.

I have at least managed to get the very first line of the Framework's debug messages popping up on the screen.
But then it crashes.
So, I need to figure out why that might be happening.
The second line is usually "Opened Window", but I've already blanked out that section of code so.. That "shouldn't" be the issue..

Meanwhile, progress on the little car thing has pretty much stalled.
I literally spent all day, yesterday, trying to get the 3DS code to work.
Apparently my mind seems to enjoy the puzzle of working that out, more than the mundane task of driving a little car around the same track, over and over again, trying to get the "physics" to feel right.

Maybe I should make myself a rule not to do any 3DS stuff, today?

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