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Nope.. Can't Focus!
  5th April, 2018
I've been trying my best to work on the car racer thing, but after the past few days of tweaking the 3DS Homebrew stuff, the racer's certainly been neglected.


I've now got the physics feeling half-decent, but the feeling of speed is all but gone from the game.
Today I'll be digging into the code and trying to add that back. I might end up simply reducing the size of the sprite to make it fake-look as though its travelling faster. That might work..!?

After that, I need to add something .. *shrugs*.. To make it feel a bit more interesting.
At the moment, it's literally just a car driving around in circles, and that's really not very good at all.
Perhaps I need some AI drivers to spice it up a bit?

But first...
I didn't write a SoCoder Newsletter, last week, so I REALLY need to get that done.

Once both of these things are done, then, and ONLY THEN, will I go back to doing the 3DS stuff.
*wags finger at self*
I really need to focus, and prioritise these things!

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