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Tracks Are In
  5th April, 2018
Spent most of today rewriting the track converter tool.


It takes the basic 64x64 "white = track" pixelart, and converts it into a set of co-ordinates that make up the track.
The version of this that was working last week was missing a vital piece of information, namely that the track wasn't drawn in order, and was instead drawn from the top left corner to the bottom right, as most arrays would be.
The new version takes into account the starting point, and follows the track around, so that I can more suitably track the car's position along the track as it drives.

The 16 available tracks are wildly varied, from simple curves to insane chicanes, and bizarre semi-pixelated corners.

It's flowing really rather well, now, but it still needs something special to make the game more than just you driving around a track.


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