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Driving Nowhere
  6th April, 2018
This racing game really doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


In the past, I've added crazy random obstacles and other such things, but this time I'm trying my best to make a "Plain" racing game, and .. Honestly, it's just a bit too bloomin' plain..

The engine is working, the tracks are loading, the car's driving where it should, and everything feels like a game of sorts, but.

There's just no gameplay, here.

Today I'm going to add a timer, and checkpoints, and hope that that's enough to keep the thing entertaining.
I'm really not a lover of this game.

Maybe I just took too long, and got bored with it..
Or perhaps my mind's on other things. (3DS)

Something's not right.
I just hope I can figure out what that something is, in the next couple of days.

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