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To VideoRam...
  8th April, 2018
All appears to be going OK on the 3DS front, but now I need to take the loaded image data and shift it over to video-ram.

And this is where things start to break down!


The 3DS (classic) has 4Mb of video ram.
The bitmap font that I use is a 384x384 pixel image, which gets blown up to be 512x512x4 bytes of data, which is already 1Mb.

For just the font.

And the game's logo is 1024x1024, which completely fills the 4Mb all in one go.


So, today I'm going to have to figure out an automated way to make all my sprites a little bit smaller when on the DS, without making them look all horrible and nasty along the way.
Hopefully I can figure something out, because.. Right now it's not looking too rosy!

For most things, I should be able to cope with simple pixel scaling since most of my artwork isn't quite .. um.. ... well, you know!!
But for things like the logo and the font, I'm probably going to have to add an alt-Smaller-Res .png in the bundle, and load that where needed.

So, yeah, plenty of stuff to get to work on, today.

And that car thing isn't going anywhere.

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