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One Step at a Time
  9th April, 2018
I did a rather large bulk of coding, yesterday. Enough to get the top-screen on the emulator to finally change colour!


I got the sprites to scale down when loading, got the slicer part to slice the sprites in a more manageable manner, and rewrote a significant chunk to allow it to do everything a little quicker.
I stripped out the usual "TempImage -> Image[array]" stuff, replacing it with "TempImage -> GPUSprite" pieces, and I think it's then managing to load that correctly into the VideoRam.
Or at least, the emulator suggests it is..

And therein lies the problem.
Trusting the emulator.
I learned a number of years ago, not to trust emulators.. But do I ever remember these things?!
Not until it all goes horribly wrong!!

..When I copied the .3dsx file across to the Real 3DS, it insta-crashed.
From there, I spent a good hour or so backtracking, one step at a time, until I found a version that no-longer insta-crashed.
Each version requiring a slight code tweak, a recompile, then copying the file to the 3DS's SD card, then rebooting the 3DS, running the code, and having it crash yet again.

The exact line that's crashing it is "C3D_FrameDrawOn(target);".

I'm not sure why, exactly, that would be crashing it, but it definitely is something to do with that line.

Today I'll be trying to figure out why it's doing what it's doing, and how I can hopefully fix it, and from there I should be able to find out if my images even loaded correctly in the first place.

This certainly hasn't been an easy road!

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