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Blue Screen of...
  9th April, 2018



I'm inching ever closer to getting the C++ Framework running as 3DS Homebrew.
Tonight, after LOTS of tweaking, I finally found out what the biggest of the issues was.
If you don't draw anything at all, using the C3D commandset, the whole damn thing locks up!
But it ONLY locks up on the actual 3DS, NOT in the Emulator, so you're left somewhat flummoxed by the odd situation.
Simple way to fix it, always draw a single sprite, somewhere.
In the screenshot above, I'm drawing the entire font's spritesheet, right in the middle of the screen.

You probably can't see it in the picture above.
.. That's because it isn't working! Bugger..

1) Because it's "trying" to draw something, even if the something doesn't exist, it still counts as drawing something, so it doesn't lock up.
2) I can see definite error messages in the emulator's output, where it's trying to load the images, so I know for SURE that that's why they're not showing up.

Tomorrow will be spent trying to figure that out, and hopefully it's not too tricky.
*fingers crossed*

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