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3DS - Image Loader
  10th April, 2018
OK, today's aim is obvious.
Extra Squishiness in the Bug Department!!


The image loader is throwing up an "Invalid Input Address" error, (which shows up bright purple in the debug output!) so that's going to be my first thing to attempt to fix. Hopefully once that's done, the engine will magically spring to life, and I'll start to see some sprites on the screen.

After that, it'll be a case of trying to find the right balance between the loader scaling the data down, and the drawing routing finding the right scale to draw the image data back onto the screen, so that things don't end up looking "too" ratty.

After that's working, I'll try my best to get some sort of recognisable thing running on the DS.. Probably just the basic Framework menu system, but something that at least checks all my inputs are working correctly.

It's a lot of stuff to get done in a day, but I'm fairly confident that I can manage it, as long as I can first figure out where that loader bug is coming from!

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