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  11th April, 2018
Had a rather frustrating day of GameDev yesterday, as I struggled to get any further than the blue screen.


I was hoping that, having loaded the images, the drawing part would be simple, but no.
Instead, I spent hour after hour tweaking bits and pieces, trying to figure out why nothing was showing up onscreen.

Eventually, I gave up for the day, and opted to watch a random episode of Star Trek (Voyage : Relativity).
That helped to take my mind off things a little.

This morning, I'm going to strip everything out and redo it all over again. I'll be keeping my working image loader, but everything else will be redone.
I'll probably start with the "Simple-Tri", to ensure that it can draw anything at all, before worrying about the sprites.
.. Just in case the image loader isn't actually working!

Another busy day ahead.

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