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  12th April, 2018

OK, step 2 complete.. Only took about a week!!


After tweaking so much code that I felt that Programmers Notepad would at one point explode from all the Undo'ing I was doing, the 3DS is FINALLY showing "Bloke" (aka Roland)

The engine takes the 32x32 pixel original sprites and shrinks them down to 8x8 pixel sprites. They're a little gnatty, at the minute, but that should be fixable later by adding smooth scaling instead of pixel-based scaling.

But, the sprites are definitely showing up, and that's a GREAT improvement. Additionally, the bloke-sprites are working on the 3DS Hardware, too, so ... Epic!!

The next task is loading in multiple sprites, and seeing if I can flick between them during draw commands.
I think I'll leave that until tomorrow.

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