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23rd April 2018
After each game's release, I get a huge influx of opinions and thoughts from a variety of different people.
Let's look at RSKGame's thoughts for this week's game!

You can Download Micro Clampett here.


I remember playing Mini Clampett last year. It is a very addictive game and as it was the first game to get the online scoreboard feature, lot of competition was there to get the highscores. I tried the hard mode today and got nowhere near top 5 highscores, the huge number of variation of enemies will trip the player within few seconds with only one life in the game.


Yes, the original had only one life, and was more than a little unforgiving. I think I must've been in Evil Mode, last year

Apart from the player graphics, movement and background pattern in the title screen, the current game Micro Clampett is a totally different game in terms of pace, length, number of lives and objective.

I do like to keep things as varied as possible. Sometimes I'll do a direct sequel, but this time I wanted to play about with randomly generating a nice little set of platformer arenas.
For the most-part, I think it turned out ok, but only because Clampett has a slight floaty (and roof-grippy) jump. That helps you navigate some of the trickier areas.
Hopefully there shouldn't be any deadly pits that you can't get out of.

The color gradient in the background looks nice. Extra life on collecting the BONUS characters is good. Player movement is smooth.

Again, being a little less evil this time around!
The BONUS were initially just coins (you can see the coin in the spritesheet) but as I gathered the 5 scattered coins, I figured they could be something a little more interesting.
I'm quite happy with the 1-up. I rarely have extra lives in my games, as they tend to make things a little "too" easy, but here it doesn't feel like a bad addition.
Also, aiming to get all five letters usually winds up killing you

I would say that the enemies spoil the fun in this game. When the player is falling down or jumping up when there is no platform below or above, it is very difficult to avoid the enemies. Luckily the 3 lives and getting extra life on collecting the BONUS letters makes it a little easier.

It was really hard finding a balance between allowing the player to see far enough, and managing to draw it all on the 3DS!!! There's an awful lot of tiles being drawn on the screen at once.

Hopefully in the future I can find a nice way to balance the tiny resolution of the 3DS with the larger scale you'd expect on a 1080p display!! It's definitely not going to be an easy task, going ahead.

(Note : As of time of writing, my 3DS homebrew framework is still mostly broken! Soon, though... .. Soon!)

I did consider adding a view-scroll with up and down, at one point. Perhaps I should've done that...?


You can Download Micro Clampett here.
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