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Oh, come off it!!
  24th April, 2018
I've now tried a multitude of different methods to get Audio working on my 3DS Homebrew Framework, but so far absolutely nothing seems to be working.


Instead of that, then, I'll probably try my hand at getting some of the other essentials working.
The second screen would be nice if it did something other than debugging. Sure, the debugging is handy, but I think I should probably get rid of all of that before daring to release a game.

The bottom screen should hopefully hold things like the main menu, and ingame scores, so they don't take up precious screen space on the top screen.
I *think* I know how best to achieve that. I've come up with a vague idea, but have yet to even attempt it.
In all honesty, I'm not sure how well the 3DS will cope with me trying to render the sprites on both screens at the same time. It might be that I need to come up with a whole different method to draw the bottom screen.

Keep in mind that I'm basing this on an original 3DS. I'm fairly sure a New 3DS could cope with much more per frame, but it's better to know that it's working on the lowest specs, so that everyone can be happy.

So, that'll be today's task. The bottom screen.

I also need to think about the next game, too. I'm currently thinking something with bombs, and chain reactions might be fun, maybe even a bit puzzley, too, but haven't a clue what that might be.
The idea's currently fermenting away.

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