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  30th April, 2018
Here's how yesterday went.
1. Create the logo, do the screenshots, prepare the assets.
2. Compile the Windows version.
3. Test the 3DS edition.
4. Tweak the 3DS edition.
5. More 3DS tweaking.
2184. Extra 3DS tweaking.
2185. Realise there's no time to post the actual game.


*sigh* I hate getting sidetracked.

Right, today will be a proper Compile+Upload day. Win, Linux and Mac versions of this week's game should be up within the next couple of hours.

After that, I need to head back (once again) to the 3DS edition and try (once again) to get OGG streaming working.
With it, or not, I'll be posting my first test 3DS game online at some point tomorrow.
Then folk around the web can pick it up, give it a play, and let me know what does and doesn't work with their various homebrew-hacked devices.
Hopefully I can get some decent feedback, and figure out how best to proceed with the engine.

A busy week ahead, I reckon.

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