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3DS Homebrew Test.. With a Biscuit
  30th April, 2018
I promised over on the GBAtemp forum that today would be the day for the first 3DS Homebrew test release, with or without working music.
Unfortunately, it's without working music
But it does contain biscuits, so that's ok!

If you head over to the Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit page, you'll find a lovely little .3dsx download button. Mmmm..


What should work
The game!!
The 3Dness (albeit subtle in this game! It's more noticeable in the Credits screen)
The two screens
The audio (except for the background music, and the jingle's apparently too big to fit into memory, too, so that's currently MIA)
Save data, so you don't have to redo from start every time!

What definitely doesn't work
In the options menu, there's an option to turn on FPS display. I've forgotten to put that back into the graphics engine. It's currently outputting to the text based "Console" layer, which has been switched off! D'oh!
The Music and Jingle don't work. I AM trying to solve this, but it involves a complete rewrite of the audio code, and I really haven't been in the mood to do that, today!!

What's a bit quirky
Some of the font can be ... wobbly. I'm not sure why that is! It's being looked into.

I do all my saving during the transition from the game's closure, back to the menu (where the Game Over/Level Complete screen appears)
Typicaly, the playing of the Jingle hides the fact that there's a slight pause whilst the game's saving, but without that happening, and in conjunction with the amount of gubbins the game is saving, along with the slower pace of the 3DS, it's quite a noticeable pause!
Apologies for that!!
I'll try my best to make my Framework deal with that a little better, in the future.

What needs testing
That it runs at all for you. If you can't run a .3dsx file, then please teach me about other 3DS homebrew techniques that you might be using. I'm new to this!

Please experiment with various methods of closing and opening the game, and let me know if anything locks up. It shouldn't, but I was having "home / close" freeze up on me until just yesterday, so .. might not be 100% yet!

Also, be sure to check that the save data saves. It should save to "path of 3dsx/Settings_AGameAWeek.sav" and "path of 3dsx/Save_???.sav". A reload of the game should hopefully bring the saved data back up, unlocking all previously unlocked levels.

Please report any and all oddities, and be sure to let me know which 3DS you're using, and your chosen methods of getting things running, and I'll look into finding out why things aren't quite perfect.

What I already know
Yes, the game is shockingly difficult.
Yes, every level is beatable.

You can Download Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit, here.
Please do let me know how it goes.
I've got a handful of other games more or less ready for release, but only once I know that everything's working the way it should be.

Thanks for playing, and many thanks for any feedback you can give.

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