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1st May 2018
After each week's release, I'm literally bombarded by player's thoughts and comments.

Let's take a look at what RSKGames thinks of this week's game.

You can Download Bungee Stars here.


Not much was revealed about this week's game "Bungee Stars", so it was a pleasant surprise to play this fun little game.


Yeah, I've been SO busy this week, that my usual sneak-peek posts have been few and far between. Last Thursday, though, I did post about an abandoned idea I had. You can probably see the trail of thought that led to the Bungee game, from there.

There are 3 rounds, each with 3 jumps. The player has to collect as many stars as possible avoiding the bombs within the 9 rounds. More stars collected in a round gives more points. Hitting the bomb will cost the player -1500 points but the overall score will not go negative, it will be set to zero.

I did consider letting the score drop below zero, but figured that was the evil-steak in me
Also, I'm not sure how the scoreboard code would cope with such a thing!!

I liked the use of up/down key to get an idea of the stars and the bombs placement before making the bungee jump. This feature makes the game more interesting as well as increases the time of the time, otherwise the game can be over very fast.

This was directly influenced by last week's "Micro Clampett" where I didn't bother to add the "Look up/down" function.
I'm learning.. Bit by bit!!

The 3D effect that is seen when the player plunges down with respect to the water running below and hitting the water is very well done.

Causes super slowdown, but definitely worth it, I think! .. Maybe..
Incidentally, it's "proper 3D" when running on the 3DS, and looks lovely.

You cannot avoid hitting the water and there is no points deducted for that. Initially I was trying various techniques to avoid hitting the water and finally I figured that it is not possible.

Yeah, it's just there for a bit of an effect, really.
Without the lovely 3D water, it would've been my usual "in Space!!" with the generic starfield background and not much more.

The ropes touching the bomb will not cause any problem.

I honestly didn't consider letting the rope hit things. That might've been interesting. Dragging the stars around, or having them fling off from the rope, might've been interesting.
Maybe for a sequel!?!

The game is more fun when you are trying to beat a score. As the initial scores that was set by JNK were competitive, it was fun to catch up with the scores.
Overall a unique fun little game.

Were my scores that hard? Sorry!
I did rejig the generator (RandomSeed + 10) for the preset levels, just before my final online-scored play. I tend to do that with all the games, so that I have slightly less of an advantage in knowing level layouts and the like.

It's good fun, though, trying to find a nice path that gets you loads of points, and the game has plenty of variation in the scores.
A small game, but a fun one.

Glad you enjoyed it.

You can Download Bungee Stars here.
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