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Current Thought Process
  1st May, 2018
Today I was reminded of the classic Amiga puzzler "Pushover".

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I tried to figure out a nice set of levels, but everything seemed really blindingly obvious, due to the issue of having left a hole exactly where the one random domino needs to fit.

Instead, then, I rejigged the game idea in my head, and I've eventually settled upon a series of guns that shoot each other!
(This is bound to change, if I continue to work on this idea)
You shoot the first, and the shockwave/blast travels down the line until it hits the last one.

I started to work on a Level Generator, and it is indeed outputting something, but then when I look at the levels it's generating, they have exactly the same issue.

They're a logical string with a really obvious missing piece.

I may or may not continue with this idea. *shrugs*

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