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  2nd May, 2018
My plan for this week was mostly to fix all the issues that people had with the first test release on 3DS.


I spent most of yesterday glancing at the GBATemp topic, waiting for any feedback. Comments, thoughts, and no doubt a multitude of issues.
I refreshed every half hour or so, and kept a watchful eye on precedings.

By about 12pm it was starting to feel a little quiet in the world of 3DSBrew, and by 5pm I'd given up any hope whatsoever.

The entire GBATemp forum is currently being overrun by people trying to hack their Switch, tons of people breaking their Switch, asking how to fix their Switch, and yet more people asking where they can get a 3D printed part to further break their Switch.

Bah, me and my timing! I finally jump on the 3DSBrew bandwagon, and everyone's already left.
I'm always 3 or 4 years behind the current trends.

Still, no matter. I'll continue on with my week's plan.
On Friday, assuming I don't get any feedback, I'll probably post the next game, and then continue to post one every few days until I'm caught up.

There's currently only 6 games that are written using the C++ framework, but oodles more should be forthcoming.
Quite what they'll be, I've no idea, but it'll be as always, it should be an interesting journey to find out.

.. And on to the next game, we go!!

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