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Don't Cross the Streams
  2nd May, 2018

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Today has been one hell of a long haul.


First off, I spent hours (HOURS) working out a quick way to get the 3DS to save game data. Having tried every possible thing I could think of, I've come to the conclusion that the 3DS is just bloomin' slow at saving to the SD Card.
This may be a combination of many things.
1. The original 3DS is quite slow.
2. The default "It came with my 3DS" memory card may also be slow.
3. I don't think my code is slow!! I've optimised the hell out of it, today!!

Second, I prepared myself, mentally, to rewrite the audio code, and .. after many more hours of struggling, I finally got it working.
In the video above, you can see the game Micro Clampett. The game starts off extremely stuttery, where it's trying to generate the level, so I definitely need to optimise that a little.
Once the level's generated, however, the game runs silky smooth.
AND it has Music!!


The music obviously stutters like crazy when the unoptimised generator's working away, but once the actual level's up and running, the music is absolutely spot on.
Which is great news!

Now to figure out what to do about saving, as I'm still not 100% happy with the way it's horribly sluggish, and then battle with the generator.

.. Oh yeah, and the thumbstick's Deadzone needs tweaking, too. Poor Clampett's having a gently slide across the floor!

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