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I'm Skipping a Week.. (again!)
  5th May, 2018
I've found a number of minor issues with Micro Clampett, like how I'd forgotten to add the Music Volume setting to the Music Channel. D'oh!
My mind seems to be enjoying doing all these little fixes a lot more than working on actual games, at the moment, so I'm just going to keep doing that until I get bored!!!

We'll hold off Franken-Hopper until next week, and hopefully I'll come up with a more interesting gameplay style for it.
At the minute he can definitely hop, but then he tends to die rather quickly.

Balancing "Collect" with "DIE!" is proving rather hard for poor Frankie.
Although, you'll be all too aware, I do like a difficult game, I don't really like them when it's unfairly difficult, and right now Franken-Hopper's a little unfair.
It's not a problem I can fix in the next day and a half, so.. Let's call it a fail, mess about with 3DS a bit more, and next week I'll give Frankie a better chance.

Unless I get bored with that idea and move onto something else... Which definitely happens FAR too often!

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