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Neatening Up
  6th May, 2018
Although the 3DS games I've posted so far have looked reasonably well presented, there's been some horrible scaling and colouring issues all over the 3DS code!

Today I took the time to fix up a lot of the issues, and now I'm quite confident that scaling is no longer an issue, as long as you stick to percentages of the screen, rather than exact co-ordinates.

Exact co-ordinates don't do any fancy scaling, as I've found that tilemaps and the like start to get a bit screwy if you assume one scale or the other.
Although, once I've coded a few dozen tilemaps, I might change my mind!!

For now, the left is a downsized window, and the right is the 3DS Emulator, and you'll see they're more or less exact.

The two "Bloke" sprites are slightly lower on the 3DS, due to them using screen co-ordinates (32 pixels from the top) instead of a percentage.
I didn't want to "break" exact co-ordinates, so .. Yeah.. It's all gotten fairly complicated, if I'm honest

Each 3DS game will still require a little tweaking to make sure it functions accurately, but today's scaling should make it all a little bit easier.

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