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Skipping a Week
  20th May, 2018
Again, Jay?!
*tsk* Lazy Jay...


About 6pm, yesterday, I realised there's no way I can get this week's game done in time.
The complexity of wrapping hundreds of sprites at different scales around different screen resolutions, all became a little too perplexing to figure out all at once.
I need to strip out a lot of the positional code and rewrite it in a more sensible style.
It's very messy!!

So, deciding that it all couldn't be done in a single day, I instead decided to down tools and have a little breather.

At which point, my mind started to wander over to Patreon, and that led to me writing my first "Notebook" post in a good number of months.

This morning, I've woken up to the same sort of scenario. I should really work a little on this week's game, but I'm looking over at the 3DS and thinking "Hey, I never did recompile all those games.."

So, I'm going to tackle those, first, before getting back to the game.

So much to do.
No rest!!

Oh, and in between all the coding, I did another ALChoon yesterday, too, because I'm obviously not doing enough every day!!

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