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Migraine Attacks!
  21st May, 2018
A lovely salad for dinner, but a single slice of cheese was enough to kick off a killer migraine!


It amazes me how quickly my head can react to things like that, and annoyingly it's not consistent. Some days I could sit and eat a whole plate full of cheese and crackers, whilst others a single slice of cheese will floor me.
Perhaps it's the specific varieties of cheese that does it, I'm not sure.

I'm the same with chocolate. Give me a whole big box of Maltesers, and they'll be gone in an instant, but a tiny little Kinder Maxi bar will cause me a good number of hours of agony!

I tend to avoid chocolate and cheese as much as possible, but occasionally I treat myself, and .. Yeah, it usually ends up the same, if I'm honest!

Anyhoo, got no coding done, last night!
Instead, I headed off to a dark quiet room, and let the migraine take it's course.

Today I'll get back to fiddling with all the crazy numbers in this week's game. It shouldn't be too hard, but crunching numbers with a leftover migraine probably isn't that great of an idea!
I'll have to see how it goes!!

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